Greetings beloved alumni, As you can see on our main page, we finally have our first Spring concerts with our new Directors! I’m going to give all of you four reasons to come to one (or both) of our upcoming concerts!

1) I am inviting you to come 1/2 hour early to each performance so I can catch up with you and so you can meet the new Directors. We’re all in this together and I want you to feel comfortable that CRC is heading in the right direction.

2) We have concert venues in the southwest suburbs, at Peace Memorial where we performed with Harriet in the 80’s, and on the north side of the city, at St. Alphonsus – a beautiful space where Brian Bloye is the Music Director. This was done purposefully so that one of those venues would be close enough for you to attend.

3) The music is wonderful. There will be some pieces that you are familiar with and some others that have been beautifully arranged by Brian Bloye.

4) Most importantly, CRC is still in transition and we need your support so we can get back on solid ground. Mailed donations are wonderful, but I would rather receive them in person at one of these performances. We’ve put this tab on the website specifically for alumni, so check back periodically for news and information.  Love you all and I’ll see you on May 30th or 31st.

Tom Henniger – Board President


Alumni updates –

I have  to bring some sad news regarding some alumni and their family members. Linda Maguire’s mother passed away on December 18th, 2014.  She was a music teacher and clearly touched many lives, as her memorial service packed the church in Beverly.  CRC participated and was lead by Gerome.  The event was so well attended, the church is considering having an annual music festival in her name!

Cheryl Lombardo passed away on February 1st while undergoing treatment from Nonhodgkins lymphoma.  During her time in CRC, she forged lifetime friendships with her wonderful personality and her beautiful voice.  She truly embodied the spirit of why we all come together to share the journey of our lives through music.  She will be sorely missed.

Marge Schnierer had heart valve replacement surgery on March 4th of this year and her recovery is slow and difficult.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers .


On a lighter note, please enjoy a poem that Ted Roos sent me! –

Turn toward Winter

It’s the Midwest climate zone. Inevitably, now comes the turning point of the seasons. There will be blizzards, incredibly sculpted snowdrifts in the fencerows, and “Jack frost ‘nipping at your nose'”. Some like it hot and some like it cold. Some flee the freeze and fly south with the birds. Some revel in the snow, ski the mountain slopes and skate icy ponds and streams, giddy with glee. Springtime, Summertime, Fall and the harvest time give way to wintertime…Everytime. Thanksgiving Day awakens our soul of gratitude. That turns our waiting toward advent and we count the days to Christmas. We hear angels sing of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men”…we tell of good tidings and great “Joy to the World”. Families travel far to reunite, warm their love, and kindle kindred spirits. Folk out-do themselves in seeking to ease the burdens, bring hope and comfort to the poor, the sick and the suffering. The good parts of winter give us willpower to restrain and resist the lure and temptations of the spending binges of our hyped up consumer culture. Memories become nearly sanctified in the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you live in the land of longevity, as I do, it’s a gift of generational inspiration and scope. One generation gives way to another and Winter’s values are passed along. My nephew Jon, in Des Moines, is of the baby boomers group. He wrote to me in November. “Winter has arrived in Iowa…a little early, but the farmers are nearly finished with the harvest. It is a good time for us to turn our thoughts to the blessings bestowed upon us.” Then he quotes from my mother, writing two generations before his own…”As Edith wrote about thanksgiving day in her journal: ‘It is a beautiful day. There will be the gift of good eating, and I hope with this, a lot of sincere thankfulness to God for our many blessings in good crops, good weather to harvest it, and for family and friends. Most of all, thanks to God for being the same yesterday, today, and forever!'” Turn with me toward winter. It can warm the soul in the bitter cold.

Thanks Ted


A letter from Jenne Lennon…our new Assistant Director Dear distinguished alumni, friends, and family of the CRC, It is with great joy and excitement that I enter this artistic season as your new Assistant Director. Over the past few weeks, I have come to know the history of the choir, its leaders, and the organization’s mission. After meeting with such a special and unique group, it comes as no surprise that its alumni are equally as large, diverse and special. As your Assistant Director, I will be helping Brian achieve his many artistic and administrative goals, but will also be aiding the choir in its pursuit of a more diverse repertoire, by offering my expertise in the field of world music and recording technology. I hope that as members of CRC’s extended family, you will help Brian, myself, and all of the singers as we embark on a new artistic and social journey. In times of change and challenge, we turn to those we love most and can rely on. You, our beloved alumni, are who we will turn to over the years to come. There will be changes in marketing, advertising, administration, and our overall musical approach as we endeavor to keep up with the changing times. It is both mine and Brian’s hope that we can begin to distinguish this choir as one of the premiere community choirs in Chicago. We cannot do it alone. Please, continue to show your support. We will continue on in the tradition and path that you have set before us. Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how you can become involved. I look forward to working with you all in this new season. -Jenne Lennon